A software for physiotherapists – 100% what is needed and for sure no single frills!

The new software for physiotherapists – modular combinable, easy handling, intuitive design and maximum mobility – when objective communications  suddenly become a fun factor.

The standard installation of our Physio Observer © includes the system modules Desktop (user individual information cockpit), Contacts (CRM data capture), Recycle Bin (delete and backup function), Calendar (scheduling for treatments) as well as the work module Patients (diagnosis, treatment planning and billing). This kind of software can be expanded at any time to further work and communication modules (such as employee administration, internal discussions, project and process management, etc.). This modular expansion options are based on our documentation and planning software: Company Observer ©


software for physiotherapistssoftware for physiotherapistssoftware for physiotherapistssoftware for physiotherapists

Example screenshots Physio Observer ©


Special features – tailored for the individual user, no installation glitches, free updates, unlimited workplace options, compatibility with all operating systems (PC, Mac, tablets) and  cloud-based computing with minimal costs – these features are just the basics. Mobile access wherever and whenever you want, information tailored to your needs, that’s whatwe call high-calibre corporate communication. Our mission is to be uncompromising about maximizing customer options for both technology and performance: it’s the Physio Observer ©


Case study/starting point – a therapy practice organization collapsed: there was too much documentation in paper form, too many different software packages left no standardized solution for patient coordination, plus an abundance of part-time therapists who were poorly integrated into the information flow. Email traffic escalated.


Case study/measures & outcome – a company-oriented web platform was set up within two hours. This offered work models to replace three “out-of-date software products”. Online access facilitated 100% integration of all therapists (in-house and home office). Administration-related email traffic was reduced by over 60%.