Your entire physiotherapy practice software starts at £ 99.- per month! *

A cloud-based physiotherapy practice software for your internal patient management and a revolutionary type of client communication: no installation afford, permanently free update services, no workplace limit and suitable for all media (PC, Mac, tablets). It‘s real, it’s now!

physiotherapy practice software

This new form of physiotherapy practice software guarantees the efficient documentation of patients, bills and appointments. You save time and money. Cost-savings are guaranteed by a modern licensing approach (permanently low fees), the lack of workplace limitations and permanently free update services (you are always up to date with the latest developments). Time-savings are guaranteed by networking different business locations, employees and customers (no further installations necessary, cross-platform support), a verifiable reduction of email traffic up to 50% (internal and customer oriented) and an automated accounting, invoicing and payment reminder system.

* excl. VAT

Reduced system training requirements

average software learning & initial training


Less installation effort

internal implementation measures


Reduced costs for updates

compared with other commercially available update intervals


System quality

from 0% (dissatisfied) to 100% (absolutely satisfied)



System stability and software clarity


Buyer satisfaction

from 0% (dissatisfied) to 100% (absolutely satisfied)


Time and cost reduction in the market comparison, customer reviews


This kind of physiotherapy practice software includes all business needs of a physical therapy organization. It allows completely new structures of communication between therapists but also new customer contact options. The program offers unlimited use. There are no user limits and data volume of your choice. It handles all your internal tasks and offers an up-to-date 24/7 client service option. No matter what hardware you use, you can use the software without any installation, everywhere at any time. Whether in practice or during home visits, all you need is an average quality of internet connection – another fine communautic © solution.